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Fee Schedule - Turbines

Fuel may be purchased from either the truck or from the self-serve island.

Turbine Fee Schedule

Aircraft:Ramp Facility FeeGallons to Waive FeeOvernight Parking
TBM/Eclipse/Vision $170.00 $70.00 $55.00 per
Pilatus/L Twin Turbo Prop$295.00$70.00$80.00 per
Twin Turbo Pro$375.00$100.00$100.00 per
Light Jet$450.00$150.00$125.00 per
Medium Jet$550.00$200.00$250.00 per
Heavy Jet$850.00$300.00$375.00 per
Ambulance$45.00$35.00$45.00 per
Light Helicopter$35.00$35.00$45.00 per
Medium Helicopter$70.00$70.00$65.00 per
Heavy Helicopter$100.00$100.00$85.00 per
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