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Fly-In Tips

Fly-In Tips from Commander Bill

Mammoth's Winter Weather

Generally, we experience two types of weather, good or bad. Mostly, it's really good but you simply don't want to fly in the other type.

To avoid the bad weather just watch the weather channel and note when fronts are going to be passing through the Sierras. Usually, snow storms last less than 24 hours. Besides your normal aviation weather brief you can call our AWOS at (760)934-6020 or our local weatherman Howard Sheckter has a recorded local fonecast at (760)934-SNOW.

When a storm is over and you are flying up for fresh powder we have the runway plowed about two hours after the snow stops. For a short period after the runway has been plowed there may be some patchy ice and snow. If this is the case be very cautious of using your brakes. Remember, we have 7000' of runway so you should be able to just let your aircraft rollout.